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Milluu benefits

All on your phone

With Milluu, you can do everything in one app: search, save, deal, e-sign and rent directly! Completely digitalized!

Rent with 0 commission

Rent through Milluu and enjoy 0 commission if you rent in app.

Your apartment: rented & insured

A signed e-contract with Milluu includes also a liability insurance against damages for both parties.

Your rent only starts with signing

With Milluu you can manage your recurrent payments, utility bills and maintenance tickets during the lease.

About Milluu

Personalized to your needs so you don't waste time with unsuitable listings or tenants' requests. You'll receive from Milluu only results based on a high matching score.


Check out verified profiles & listings and connect safely only with compatible users! Milluu verifies the profiles and the right to upload a property in the platform.

Prompt and convenient

Receive real-time recommendations and notifications on your phone. Be quick! All requests last only 24h! You can set up all you need directly in-app, from viewings to recurrent payment of the rent.


Milluu relies on your feedback & ratings to constantly improve the app and become more relevant. Together we can create a transparent and civilized space for you to rent a place.

By your side until the lease ends

Rent management simplified – recurrent payment of the rent directly to the lister’s account, utility bills payment status and maintenance tickets.

For listers
No more rent worries
When it’s time to rent your properties, the process can be tedious. You can now relax. Meet Milluu, the only company in Romania that is taking care fully of your property management.

Make a deal with Milluu and:

Guaranteeing a 12-month contract from the moment of the first rental

Payment of the first rent at the handover the apartment

Timely payments of utility bills

Complete management of your apartment

Complete management of the relationship with the tenant

Long term rental

24/7 support

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All you have to do is:

Download the app and create an account

Set up your house rules and publish the details of the property

Be quick and reply to the tenants’ request in 24h

Sign the lease with Milluu and benefit from a liability insurance

Manage your rent in app monthly

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For tenants
In 24h from search to move-in
Searching for an apartment to rent can be exhausting. When you’re compatible with the landlord, things become easier. Milluu algorithm is based on common preferences and it makes sure you both have the same information at the same time. Now you can relax. Milluu comes in – the mobile app dedicated to residential renting, which connects directly listers to tenants. The entire process is digitalized.
Milluu becomes your well-trained personal assistant, attentive to your needs, until the end of the lease.

- Complete listings
- Real-time notifications
- Smart assistance
- Recurrent payment in app
- Lease management

For a successful rent, be honest, prompt and reliable!
Milluu says: follow the rules and rent away. Fast, Smart, Ok.
For tenants

Download the app and set up your moving preferences

Create your account and finalize your profile

Send requests to your best matches

Sign the contract with Milluu and benefit from liability insurance

Manage your rent in app monthly

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